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Guidelines for Parents

  • Regularly check the child’s school diary.
  • Every parent should help their child in preparing proper schedules for his/her self study, playing, resting, recreation, meals, sleeping and others.Admission-bt
  • Every child is having his/her own interest, specialities & capabilities. So no parent should compare a child’s academic, non-academic performance with other. Avoid comparing your child with others as it brings your child’s moral down and create unwanted problems
  • Parents/Guardians have to submit all the required documents & details well in time to avoid all the inconveniences. Any change in the important details like correspondence address, phone no. etc. should be updated in the school record immediately
  • All the school dues should be paid in time to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience
  • Always attend the parents-teacher’s meeting (PTM) to gather & updates on progress report of your child.
  • If you feel or find any problem concerning your child feel free to contact school office with a positive approach & never get into an argument with any teacher or office staff.
  • Trust your child’s version of a particular event only after having verified both sides of the story.
  • Always appreciate your child to boost his/her moral. Never criticize your child publicly
  • Try to understand the genuine problems of your child and solve them immediately.
  • Never criticize any teacher in the presence of your child because it is bound to tarnish the teacher’s image in the eyes of the child